Gelato Messina, Winsor, Melbourne

I am gutted.  Not because I broke my phone while I was on the other side of the world. Not because I lost some photos of icecream, cakes and deserts (along with other precious moments). Or because I lost my little notes reminding me of what flavours I was enjoying (or in some cases not enjoying), or where I was enjoying it. After bugging aussie Sarah for information on where we had that amazing icecream on my arrival into melbourne I went onto their website to work out what flavours I had (all I know is I had a nutty based Messina Special, with chocolate), and discovered something.  They do classes.  This was possibly the best icecream I’ve ever had and I missed out on their classes!!!  You won’t know this, but from time to time, I make my own icecreams and sorberts.  This was the opportunity of a lifetime and I missed out.  So I learnt two things about my visit to Messina.  Firstly, on very hot aussie days, always eat icecream in a tub (I’m the one with the cone).  Its just isnt possible to lick the damn thing faster than it melts.  Secondary, always do your research.  Im in bed at silly oclock in the morning with jet lag; Ive been home for 1 day; and Im already wondering if it is too soon to start planning my next trip to Australia.

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