Adelaide Fringe, Australia

I often display meerkaks like traits.  Im either consistently checking over my shoulder or up ahead.  If, for whatever reason, Im busy, possibly checking my phone, or googlemap, or maybe just focusing on eating a really messy ice cream (while it melt all down my hand because I ordered a cone), then I expect another member of the group to keep look out.  If I am on my own, I will sit with my back to a wall or seek shelter at a bus shop for a few minutes of safely.  But Australia was different.

For a start we were enjoying these doughuts and nutella while out in the evening at a little festival during the Adelaide Fringe.  Yep, that’s right.  I walked round a city at night.  I wasn’t hiding under a blanket or duvet, trying to keep safe, like I do at home.  I don’t remember keeping an eye out for hazards and dangers (other than in the fair ground).  I don’t remember thinking there are too many people, or this isn’t safe.  I don’t remember thinking “what if…?” (except maybe at the fair ground…).

I remember enjoying the freedom and fresh air, and the views, and the pretty city lights, and the view of the moon, and my friends company.  I remember not being able to decide what I wanted to eat, so I ordered, ate and enjoyed all my options.  The festival was everything you would expect.  It was quint.  It had food vans, a crappy little fun fair, nice little shop stalls, music, festival type lights, and most importantly a vibe (the good kind).

So on this night, I sat at a table in the middle of the field in the middle of the evening focusing on nothing except dunking those nutella loaded doughnuts into my big fat mouth.

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