Tiger Rock, Smithdown Rd, Liverpool

We celebrated a friend’s birthday at a local East Asian restaurant last night. My Thai Pad was inoffentive, and I always find East Asian deserts a bit hit and miss, so I don’t usually bother.  However, when we were informed that the cake special was watermelon cake I was curious.  I mean that is just wrong right?  How can you have watermelon cake?  What does it taste like?  What does it look like? What was the texture?  The waitress said it was abit like red velvet, but with watermelon.  So it was definitly a cake. Not a jelly type thing. Not a sortbet or ice cream. A cake.

So while everyone else ordered their Apple Spring Rolls & Ice Cream, I opted for the watermelon cake (with coconut icecream).  I figured I might as well.  I can try their Apple Spring Rolls or Mango Rice pudding any day of the week, but this was their special. There might not be another opportunity.

I was still kind of surprised when a cake (that looks abit like red velvet cake) was placed in front of me.  Anyway, to my (pleasant) surprise my watermelon cake tasted like watermelon.

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