Ice cream van, Otterpool, Liverpool

It was a beutiful night, so I cycled to the river front, ate a picnic and then spent half an hour wondering if a ’99’ with a flake was really worth £2. I was kinda of sad to see it was no longer called a ’99’, but a ‘single with flake’. I wonder why they renamed it. Sure when I was a kid in the 90s they cost 99p, but can we blame inflation for the name change? A quick check online revealed that the ’99’ had been called that since the 1930s.  Im pretty sure back in those days, when the UK was dealing with pennies, shillings, and pounds, that ice creams didn’t cost 99p. It also turned out that no one (including cadburys) knows the origin of the name. Maybe the ice cream industry just got feb up of arguing with the fact that a ’99’ no longer costs 99p.

So with gritted teeth I ordered a ‘single with flake’.

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