Janey’s Back Yard

I am rubbish at this updating my blog malarkey. Its had been weeks. There have been too many instances to mention where I have thought “I should write about that”. I have even taken lots of photos with the intention of updating my blog. Except I have been busy. This wasn’t a problem I envisaged when I first started blogging. As mentioned in my first blog, I was anxious about leaving the house. As a result I had nothing but time. But in that first blog I made myself, and you, a promise. I was going to work my way thought the Liverpool Echo’s 9 best places to have icecream in Liverpool; which I have slowly been licking my way thought.  But every blogger knows that if you don’t write about it, it didnt happen. I was also going to learn the cello and do a stainglass workshop. I haven’t done either of these yet. I simply haven’t had time. I have taken up pottery and a landscape painting class. I’ve been to a Screenprinting and a Experimental Protraits Mixed Media workshop. I have had opportunities to blog about all of these. I screenprinted the photo of the 99 with flake that costs me £2 (I had to get my money’s worth). I was also a bit early to the Experiemental Protraits workshop, which incidentently was round the corner from Hotel Chocolat, and a really nice day. So I tried their chocolate icecream (it tasted like a cold version of hot chocolate, where its was not quite as chocolately as I hoped for). I have also been on numberous bike ride, and cycled for miles; and pretty much every ride involved cake or icecream. I have sampled icecream and deserts in Romania and Lithuania. For the first time in years, I have also been baking. It is not like I have been sitting on my increasingly fat arse doing nothing.  This week my time has been taken up trying (without much success), to get my parrot instagram famous (he’s expensive and needs to start earning his keep).

So let me introduce you to Jack. Jack turned 3 last weekend (in case you are interested, we had scones, strawberries and cream to celebrate). Jack is a Black-Headed Caique parrot. There is much debate about how “caique” is pronounced; ranging from “Kah-eek” to “Cake”. Jack loves cake. So, I’m going to assume “cake” would be his preferred pronunciation.

On the day this photo was taken, me, Jack and Lorna (a BFF), decided to enjoy a homemade cake in my yard. Lorna had to follow a gluten free diet, which is what prompted me to bake for the first time in years. Using ingredients that have been lying in my kitchen cupboards, and were on the verge of being just a bit too old, I knocked together a cake. In the past, I have used recipes from blogs. They are useful. Especially if there is a photo of a gorgeous cake (even if, in this case it is in the background). However, I can’t tell you the exact ingredients. It consisted of a tin of Pumpkin, approximately half a cup of coconut flour, 2 or 3 (or was is 4?) eggs (I kept adding them in until I got to the right consistently), a good squeeze of nectar sugar, an unspecified amount of desiccated coconut, and the remaining jar of coconut oil. I’m aware “the remaining jar” is a useless form of measurement, as this is subject to a lot of variation (but if I had to guess, I would say it was about a cup full). The buttercream was made of soft cheese and nectar sugar. I had to improvise as I didn’t have any butter or sugar (ingredients that are generally an essential part of baking). What I ended up with was a really light and moist carrot-cake like cake. Lorna and Jack had seconds, so I’m assuming they were satisfied with my creation.

I’m aware I am not the best food blogger out there. I’m rubbish at writing regular intervals. I don’t give you any useful information about places to go, or food to eat. I haven’t even been able to provide a recipe so that you, or I, for that matter, would be able to recreate a cake again. Also, while proof reading this, I realised I hadn’t even specified how long the cake mixture needs to go in the oven. Which, while on the subject, is “until baked” (stick a cocktail stick in it after 15 minutes, and if it is dry, it is ready … or overdone). I don’t think blogging about cakes and puddings and ice-cream is my forte really. However, I am really good at eating it. So over the next few weeks, I will have to limit my pudding supply until I have caught up with my backlog of unwritten blogs.  In the meantime, bearing in mind Jack isn’t allowed chocolate, what cake should I bake next?

On another note, I was right in that very first blog. The search for a taste sensation has set me free.

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