Gaintree Rainforest, Queenland, Australia

Imagine you are having the most amazing day.  You have had a really nice lunch in the middle of Gaintree rainforest (served by two guys wearing an elephant and tiger wooly hats in over 30 degree heat); and you have seen some amazing veiws of the forest and Cape Tribulation.  Its getting late, and  you are now on your way back to Cairns, when the tour guides asked if anyone would like to stop for icecream.

Me Me Me!!!

This ice cream parlour is special for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it is in the middle of the Gaintree rainforest.  Secondary, the ice creams are made from fresh tropical fruits from their orchard. Lastly, there is no choice.  Each cup contains four flavours, which changes thoughtout the seasons.  There isn’t even a choice between cup and cone (thought I go for cone everytime!). I had banana, passion fruit, davidson plum and wattleseed flavours. As I am a bit of a fussy eater, so this meant I tried  flavours that I would not usually have chosen.  I am also incredible indecisive.  I have walked out of shops because there had been too much choice (how many different deodorant does a shop really need?).  I have bought 13 pairs of shoes in one go because I couldn’t make up my mind which pair to get. Last christmas I spent over 3 hours in 4 different places picking out a christmas tree (switching beteen real and artificial)!  I ended up buying artificial under the logic that it would mean I wouldnt have make any more decisions about christmas trees for at least a few more years. There was no umming and ahhing about what to have.  The ony question you have to answer is “do you want ice cream?”, and whoever said no to that.

Since this blog is suppose to be about food, I should probably mention that the banana ice cream wasnt that great.  I have never had passion fruit, davidson plum or wattleseed so I couldnt tell you which scoop was which.  But they were perfect for the end of a very hot day in the rainforest.